Guide To Student Housing U OF I

Sending your student to college should be as rewarding for parents as it is for students. But finding the right college housing is important both for your student’s success as well as your own peace of mind. In our all-inclusive, student housing at U of I, we provide a community environment where students can easily balance school, work, and social activities.

About Our Community

As a complete, student-focused community, we offer the perfect transitional environment between dorm life and adulthood. With comfortable housing that’s close to campus, students are just minutes from the best of everything. The Retreat at Illinois offers furnished townhomes, world-class amenities, and professional management and maintenance teams.

On-Site Community

Our residents enjoy unlimited access to community amenities. Some are designed to boost productivity, such as our private study rooms and computer lab. Others provide a laid-back atmosphere for relaxation, especially our resort-style swimming pool, game lounge, and fire pit. And still others have become a much-appreciated convenience for busy tenants, such as our on-site, two-story fitness center.

Furnished Townhomes

Our furnished apartments go a few steps beyond typical student apartments near University of Illinois. We outfit all rooms with modern, custom-designed furniture packages and provide stainless-steel kitchen appliances and full-size washer and dryer units. Installment payments cover most utilities as well as cable and high-speed Internet, thus making our townhomes move-in ready.

Individual Housing Contracts

Whether you’re supporting your student by signing guarantor forms or merely helping him or her find the best housing option, our individual housing contracts allow renting by-the-bed. Under these contracts, students are financially responsible only for their own rooms.

Roommate Matching

As a parent or guardian, it’s natural to want your loved one to be influenced by a positive group of people while in college. After all, living with like-minded and supportive people in college can have lifelong benefits. With our roommate-matching service, we can help your student find peers to live with who have similar interests, hobbies, and lifestyle preferences.  All it takes to complete the process is filling out a form.

Convenient Location

When it comes to U of I student housing, location matters. Urbana is a fair-sized college town, and its grid-like street pattern can make traveling to campus time-consuming. But since our community is situated in a convenient location, residents have an easier time commuting to class. They can also take advantage of the many restaurants, stores, and other points of interest located nearby.

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